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Björn Diehl trumpet player & music teacher concerts and events
 Björn Diehl, born in 1972, started his musical career by taking piano  lessons from Bärbel May and by playing trumpet in the trombone band of  his home town Oberaula. In subsequent years he took trumpet lessons  with Joachim von Haebler, Heinrich Heckmann, Frank Severin (State  Theatre Kassel) and Jürgen Hahn (Berlin).  After studying to become a teacher, he refined his trumpet skills in a  diploma course with Heiner Wellnitz at the University of Mainz. He  participated in jazz workshops with Andy Haderer, Bobby Shew and James  Morrison and took part in a week-long course of the German Brass  Academy. He has participated in several CD and DVD recordings as well as in  television appearances. He has played at festivals in Le Mans, Tienen,  Montreux, Bern, Salzburg, Bansko, Rome and Ausschwitz and played on  tours in Europe, India, Australia, Mexico, Namibia and on Hawaii.  He collected orchestra experience at the theatres in Mainz, Wiesbaden,  Mannheim, Darmstadt and Kassel. In the classical genre he specializes in  the piccolo trumpet (for example Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.2), and  he plays the lead trumpet in musicals.  As a member of the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, which has established  its reputation as a "crossover orchestra" blending classical music and rock,  he has accompanied among others Robin Gibb, Bobby McFerrin, Chris de  Burgh, José Carreras, as well as David Garrett, Deep Purple and Peter  Gabriel on their Tours of Germany and Europe. 
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